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We all want to listen only to the best music, but how to do it, if every day appear hundreds, if not thousands of new songs, and many of them do not deserve your attention. MusicMegaBox top 100 of the best songs is here to solve the problem! What is "the best"? By this word we mean the most popular songs of the year, or even a longer period. That is, on this page, the real hits are collected that will bring you one hundred percent of pleasure during the listening.
Top 100 Songs is a collection of the best music in 2016. You can listen to good songs online without registration on your phone, tablet, and, of course, on your PC. The Top helps not to waste time looking for quality music and just to enjoy the beautiful songs of popular singers and bands in good quality. There are a variety of charts, but the most convenient is the Top 100 as soon as it can completely cover the best songs of all genres.

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